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COSEL has been work at development and manufacture of power supplies for 30 years, be widely known and possess a considerable sale network all around the world. Their products applied widely to fields of communication, electric power, automation, and accredited by UL, CSA, YUV, VDE.etc.

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VICOR was founded in 1981, the Headquarters located in US Andover, they own 8 technical Power Module manufacturers and Technical Support Centers around the world. They manufacture AC/DC and DC/DC Devices, Configurable power solutions and Custom Configurable Power Solutions . Their clients mainly are OEMs from fields of communication , data processing, industrial control, inspection equipment, Medical treatment and military electronics…

FINE SUNTRONIX set up at 1979, based on their comprehensive quality management, automatic and high-efficient production facilities and rapid after-sale service system, now have became the largest switch power supply manufacturer in Korea, and the switch power supply market portion of 70% is occupied by them. Mainly they product AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC power modules, noise filters, cooling fans and solid relay etc. which widely be used in communication, electricity, industrial control, instrument fields, and have successfully passed certifications of UL and EN…


RUBYCON has been engaged in all aspects of the development, production and sales of electronic parts, centered on aluminum electrolyte capacitors, which has more than 50 years of history. Her electrolytic capacitors have a nationally wide fame in China and play an important role in the circuit design of Power surroundings especially be adopted on power, ammeter, energy-saving lamp, communication equipment and flash lamp...

SAMWHA is a Korean Capacitor manufacturer which founded in 1956. They develop and market DIP/SMD-type aluminum electrolytic capacitors, solid capacitor, Plastic Film Capacitor. Now, SAMWHA famous for her good cost-effective products in many countries.

AVX/Kyocera is the industry leader in the Electronic Passive Devices Manufacturing field. Their products have a wide coverage: Resistor, capacitor, film circuit, Surface mount components, noise filters, voltage leveler etc.…

LINEAR was founded in 1981.mainly manufactures Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps), instrumentation amplifier, audio-frequency amplifier, voltage-stabilizing circuit, Power Management, Voltage Reference, comparator and Converter, Switched Capacitor Filter, communication port circuit, Monolithic data receiving subsystem Pulse-Width-Modulation Control Circuit and track-and-hold device etc.

ALPS is a comprehensive electronic components manufacturer, offering over 40,000 kinds of electronic components to about 2,000 customers all around the world. Their products are switch, encoder, potentiometer, sensor, connector etc.



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